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Experience the personalized service and charm of a boutique hotel at La Residence Hotel& Spa, a luxury hotel located just 85 km from Addis-Ababa, in Adama. La Residence will transport you to the days of the caravanserai, when caravans laden with exotic spices, gold and luxurious fabrics in high demand, traveled between Africa and the Orient.

Refined and friendly, with a unique architectural style inspired by the castles of Gondar, Indian palaces and Moroccan riads, La Residence features 32 individually-decorated luxury rooms around a central patio.

A range of restaurants offers a variety of gourmet international and traditional cuisine to satisfy every palate.

Possibilities around for relaxing and taking in the beautiful surroundings. Take a refreshing dip in our infinity pool, pamper yourself at our traditional Turkish hammam (bath), visit a 15-hectare park and botanical garden, or take advantage of the horseback riding and biking facilities next to the hotel to explore a peaceful and verdant valley.

The slogan of The Residence Hotel and Spa is inspired by a Charles Beaudelaire's wonderful poem, L'invitation au Voyage (An Invitation to Voyage) Charles Baudelaire which reflects perfectly the spirit and the ambiance of the Hotel.